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This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions to set up a SGML/XML editing and publishing environment on Windows: It is based completely on freely available software. The instructions do not assume much knowledge about the software used in the tutorial, so it should be comprehensible even for complete newbies.

Please note that the name of the tutorial is historic: It covers both SGML and XML tools, and it is not restricted to Windows NT, but will work with other Win32 operating systems.


Got Cygwin?

The tutorial comes in two flavors: Either we use only native Win32 applications, or we use the Cygwin tools to set up our system more Unix-like. The latter does not interfere with your existing native Win32 applications, but it offers a few advantages like improved scripting and a Unix-like filesystem hierarchy.


The tutorial

The current version is 3.02 (2002-02-04).

The tutorial is available in a variety of formats:

Without Cygwin tools With Cygwin tools

The compressed SGML source (67 KB) for both tutorials contains the instructions how to transform it to the above formats.


Known bugs

This section should list errors in the tutorial that were detected after the current release was published. Currently this doesn't make much sense because the tutorial is - er - too old. You will face a few hiccups, most prominently the failure of the TeX stuff in the Cygwin setup. Please be patient until an update is available.