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Tricarb is a tool to transfer the data generated by the Tricarb scintillation counter to a computer.



The Packard Tri-Carb 1600 TR scintillation counter allows to send the measured data to a computer via a serial line. Tricarb Monitor is a free Windows software which receives these data and supplies them in various formats. It is possible to generate plain text output, Excel-optimized text output, and two different input file formats for use with the MultiCalc software.


The problems with Tri-Carb

Usually Tri-Carb is connected to a line printerwhich creates a hardcopy of your data. To evaluate these data, they must be entered manually into the computer. This is tedious and error-prone.


Tricarb Monitor offers a simple solution

Tricarb Monitor listens on the serial port for data being transmitted from the Tri-Carb Counter. These data are written to the harddisk automatically. Several output formats are available to import these data into spreadsheets or the MultiCalc software. The line printer can be operated in parallel to keep a hardcopy or it can be replaced by a printer dongle, thus saving paper. The software can be configured to recover automatically from power failures. It keeps a log file of all important actions taking place.


Download information

The latest version of the binary is 1.0. The sources are right here.

You can download the documentation either as a ZIP archive containing html pages viewable with your web browser or as a ZIPped Postscript file. This file can be printed on a Postscript printer or, with the help of Ghostscript, on any other printer.