Pro Ject



Welcome to the Emacs planner mode demo. These pages were created with a patched version of emacs-wiki in order to demonstrate how hierarchical backlinks can make your day.

This small demo is loosely modelled after how I use planner mode in my biochemical lab to manage my research projects. On this page I'll list my main projects, each of which may have subprojects (and sub-sub-projects, for what it's worth). Finally there'll be a couple of experiments which kind of represent the leafs of the resulting tree. All of these pages, except the planner day pages, contain a hierarchical backlink at the top, which allows to navigate backwards through the hierarchy to any previous level. Needless to say, the hierarchical backlinks work best for planner projects or Wikis which are more or less structured.

In addition to the emacs-wiki backlink feature, these pages also show off the boost in productivity that you can achiewe by using the Perl scripts and The former will generate a list of tasks in a HTML page (, sorted by date, with links to the day pages, the tasks, and the corresponding project pages. The latter will create a mind map from your project, displayable through the FreeMind ( applet or application (scroll to the bottom of the tasklist HTML page to see the applet, Java 1.4 or later browser plugin required). The mind map of course is collapsible and uses hyperlinks to navigate from the nodes to the corresponding project pages.

Have fun. Please email comments to the emacs-wiki-discuss mailing list or to markus AT mhoenicka DOT de.